To reveal or not to reveal? That is the question...

June 15, 2015  •  7 Comments

To reveal or not to reveal?  That is the question...

I am a planner.  (Those of you who know me and read my pregnancy reveal blog are probably laughing out loud...)  Things may get planned at the last minute, or even a few minutes late, but they are still carefully planned.  I like to know what cards I am holding before I deal them.  We found out the gender of both of our children before they were born.  Not that we get to be picky about these things, but I knew I really wanted a boy and a girl, and God blessed me with both. This time around though, Rob and I really don't care what we are having.  I thought for a while that it might even be a little fun to be surprised! Rob wasn't quite on board with being surprised, and it didn't take much to convince me otherwise. I almost envy people with the will strong enough to be surprised! Curiosity is definitely going to get the better of us, yet again.     

Thanks to modern medicine, we can now find out the gender as early as about 10 weeks through a blood test.  We didn't feel the need to know that early, so we are just going to wait until our 20 week ultrasound later this week.  Although, I am a little disappointed that we won't be surprised, I will definitely enjoy sorting through all of Isaac and Cinda's old baby clothes and getting rid of everything we don't need anymore to make room for another little person in our home.  The thought of being able to declutter makes me giddy!   

On a side note, I wanted to mention that Rob isn't in the pictures because he took them! Didn't he do a great job?! He's quite the protege.  

We'd love to hear your predictions of Fletcher baby #3's gender!  Leave me a comment at the bottom of the blog or comment on this Facebook post and let us know if you're on team boy or team girl!    

We can't wait to hear what you think!  Keep an eye out at the end of this week for my gender reveal post! 



7.Cathy Rubocki(non-registered)
I think that baby #3 will be a boy!
6.Pauline Taggart Park(non-registered)
Congratulations on baby matter the sex he or she will be just as beautiful as Isaac and Cinda and especially as beautiful as the mom... Love you
5.Erin Smith(non-registered)
Its a..... Twins? just kidding... Its a boy!
I think it's a boy!!!.
3.sara galler(non-registered)
totally a girl is my prediction.
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