Casa del Sol

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Welcome to Casa del Sol!

 This beautiful and spirited little girl was such a pleasure to play with!  We played in just about every room in the house.  Our first stop was the play room for a quick read and a few giggles.

After making me a bowl of oatmeal in her red boots, we paused behind the couch for a few smiles.  My image of Sol walking in her red boots placed 3rd in the IHeartFaces photo contest!  You can see it here:


Time to choose a book to read with mommy.  The light in this house is so beautiful.  I just loved the way the shadowy lines fall.

Could there be a more suitable book to read to a sweetie named after the sun?

Corduroy is always a good read, too.

A snuggle with mom before we hop over to the kitchen for lunch...

...which was healthy AND fun!

Had to stop to play on our way back to the kitchen for dessert!

A cup of green tea for mom and hot chocolate for Sol, topped with lots of kisses.

After lunch we headed upstairs to play.  Or maybe we just played the whole way up the stairs?

We played peek-a-boo as she proudly showed off her room and her bed!

Next we jumped on Mommy's bed, which ended in some sweet cuddles!

This couple just makes me melt...

There is so much love and joy in this family.  You can just feel it when you are with them.  

The beauty and spirit of this mother and daughter are contagious.  I just love how the colors and light in their home reflect their personalities.  Interested in learning more about this amazing family?  Go check out their story on mom's blog at

and read about the chronicles of a young mom on her search to find peace laughter, and perfect love.


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