Project 52 Week ???

February 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

    I got into photography for the purpose of documenting my children's lives.  Now that I have a business, sometimes my personal work gets neglected.  I decided to do a longer photo project this year.  I know many dedicated photographers take these on each year successfully, some doing 365 projects, and shooting at least one personal image a day.  Although, that sounds amazing, I know I would never stick with it.  In January, I chose to take on a Project 52.  So far, I have been really good about shooting at least once a week for myself.  Editing and keeping track of those images... not so much.  I have stopped posting on a weekly basis, lost count of my weeks, and left many unedited images sitting idly on my computer.  Someday I will be glad to have them and will find time to play catch up, I suppose!   

    Sometime this year, we celebrated a HUGE milestone in our house.  NO MORE DIAPERS.  Not at all.  Those of you who buy and deal with diapers on a regular basis understand what an exciting occasion this was for us.  My husband, Rob, has wanted to be done with diapers for quite a while.  In fact, he attempted to bribe them by telling them once they were done, they could go to Toys R Us and choose any toy they wanted.  If you know how much diapers cost, then you know what a great deal this is!  Now, Rob and I both know that you can't bribe your way out of diapers.  Kids will be ready to give them up in their own time based on many different factors.  Nevertheless, my children were thrilled and talked about it often.  When the day finally came (and it was a loooong time after the intial 'bribe'), I knew I had to document it as part of my Project 52.  Unfortunately, I don't remember what week it was.  (Yes, I know it's only February and I have already lost count.)  Maybe I will go back through the files and figure it out eventually, but for now ???.


     Cinda was quite entertaining to watch.  Her 'deciding face' cracks me up.  So many toys, so little time.  She chose the most random things!  A watch, an umbrella- she did not want to let that umbrella go.  Knowing she would end up losing it as soon as she brought it home and inevitably whacked her brother with it, we guided her towards the doll section.  She choose a Dora doll and we threw in the frozen watch just so she didn't feel so bad about the umbrella...  

    Isaac understood a lot better what was going on and pretty much ran up and down the aisles like he meant business.  Funny how both of my kids have the same 'deciding faces'.  We tried out all the vehicles, played a little ball (we already have two at home, so we talked him out of those...), and finally decided on a Paw Patrol Action figure.  His excitement was so fun to watch as he ran up and down the aisles grinning ear to ear with his mouth open...



   Time to check out and go home with our new goodies.  Miss Peanut was lagging behind and dragging her feet, checking to see if she missed anything.   (She gets that from her mommy!)


























   You can't leave Toys R Us without checking out the gum ball machine.  The kids aren't allowed to have gum yet, but I guess they are fun to look at.  Thanks for stopping by and checking out week #? of my project 52.  I hope you will join me in documenting your life!  


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